Your Personal Legend

Hey Visionaries!!  No spoilers, but if you’ve started reading this quarter’s Books and Brunch selection, The Alchemist, you might be thinking more and more about your own personal legend.  What is a personal legend?  It’s the thing that you are meant to do or resolve or bring to life.  I believe that each one of us have been blessed with a unique mix of characteristics, gifts and skills that give us a clue as to what our personal legend is.

Uncovering your personal legend or the vision for your life can be a process. There are some people who are seemingly born knowing what direction they should take, but there are many of us who must work to uncover our journey, like the shepherd boy, Santiago.

Where are you in the process of uncovering your personal legend?  What is that really gets you energized? Is there a specific theme that can be found throughout your life experiences?

Art inspired by The Alchemist

I would love to help you answer these questions and refine your vision for 2018.  We will be taking a limited number of new coaching clients before the year’s end.  Secure your slot today by clicking the “Book Appointment” button. We’re looking forward to accompanying you on your path!

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