Envision Therapeutic Services

Envision is dedicated to the work of everyday Visionaries! Envision leads individuals and communities to the highest version of themselves by fostering hope, healing and transformation. We help you secure a personal vision that encompasses who you are, respects your experiences and refines your vision for the future.

Our aim is to build healthy, whole people and communities using innovative strategies for individual and community uplift, informed by psychology and social justice. We seek to grow professionals, mental health clinicians and community stakeholders as leaders, educated in best practices for facilitating positive change when working with clients and communities of color on both a local and global scale.

What we do:

-Workshops, retreats, and lectures

-Coaching and Professional Development

-Leadership Education

-Facilitating community dialogues/focus groups

Who We Serve:

-Corporate and Community Leaders and Organizers

-Mental health clinicians and other professionals

-Communities affected by violence, armed conflict and racism

-Military Service Members and Veterans

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