Committment and Hope

You may have noticed that Envision-ings took a brief time out, over the past few weeks.  So much is going on, as I am preparing to wish Japan a loving “Sayonara” and declare “I’m back” tinged with mixed emotions to my home, the US.    I’m looking forward to meeting some of you at Growth and Goal Setting and definitely feeling excited about all of the other events Envision Therapeutic Services will be hosting in 2017.

I am also feeling ambivalent about returning to a President-elect Trump and a country that has largely, doubled down on hate.   I am working hard, like so many of you, to keep a positive, hopeful attitude that we will continue to prevail no matter what stumbling blocks are put in our path. We must continue to walk in our legacy of exceptionality and excellence in the face of racism, sexism, classism, both microagressive and institutionalized.

The election of Trump is the capstone to the violence and discrimination we have suffered in recent years from the institutions and governments that are failing to support and protect all of this nation’s citizens.  From Jim Crow to Reganomics to Ferguson to Flint, this modern age is still fraught with struggle for People of Color.  This election has once again, illuminated our need to care for ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, as we continue to fight against oppression and further cemented my commitment that Envision Therapeutic Services will be a safe harbor, a place to be nurtured and rebuild, individually and collectively, as we press on.




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